Wednesday 26 June 2019


Today I think the sun got the memo that it is summer :). It’s been absolutely glorious and we have definitely made the most of it !

I’ve been in the garden de-weeding again, honestly them things are part of the furniture , they come back up every couple of weeks , even though I drown them in weed killer! I’ve give the tuff tray a clean and got the fresh sand in the girls’ sand pit that my dad made them.

The small paddling pool has been dug up , disinfected and filled up and the girls have had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine .

It really does make you feel better doesn’t it?, being out in the sun- catching them rays of happiness, does wonders for your mental health - especially if you suffer with S.A.D , which I do .

Nila has been in her element with the paddling pool. We have a few of them but only got the little one out purely for quickness- you never know when the sun is going to go do you!

The small one we have has a back on it and came with pens which Nila was a little small for last year but she’s loved them today, practising her circles and showing me the colours that she has learnt to say.

Alessia has enjoyed having the trampoline to herself and hogging the outdoor water tap. Does anyone elses kiddies love using the outdoor tap!

They’ve made puddles to splash in and have had a blast!!

We also had tea outside which was lovely . P.s - I’ve put a parasol on next weeks shopping list as we haven’t got one and our garden literally has no shade!

Hope you are enjoying the sun as much as we are ! ☀️

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