Monday 24 June 2019


If you are a regularly reader then you will know Nila bug’s Birthday is just around the corner and I’ve got to admit I think at this age there is so much you can buy and it can be  a little overwhelming with what to actually get!


I thought I would share with you a few things we have got Nila for her 2nd birthday and hopefully it can give you a little inspiration :)

Miffy has been a firm favourite in our house for 16 years, all the girls have loved Miffy and the cute Corduroy Miffy is a great addition to any collection.

I also think the Miffy books are great for little ones to look through as the pictures are blocked and very colourfull which I think is perfect for this age.

This one Nila has loved playing at playgroup so I knew she would love her very own .The Tick Tock Clock from Galt is the perfect toy for encouraging little ones motor skills and learning of cause and effect by turning the clocks handles .

Not only that but his eyes roll around when the handles are turned and he also makes a clicking sound- which Nila loves! And a chiming tune . What’s also great is this toy grows with your little one , so can be used when they get older to teach them how to tell the time :)

When it comes to bath time I really don’t think there is any such thing as to many toys. The escabbo range from DKL Toys are perfect for bath time play.. Catch the stars or the fish with these really call catchers - even Alessia joins in :)

We’ve been out in the garden a lot recently and Nila loves playing in her tuff tray with the water . Sprocket puppy bath toy by Breyer is perfect .

Clean him with water , and watch his black markings turn blue! :). When he dries , his colour returns back to back . He includes a towel , duck toy and his very own water bowl.

We also encourage learning through play and letting the girls take the lead . I think these abc and 123 books from Galt are perfect for that. They are also chalk boards so they can be used over and over again :)

I also love the water magic books by Galt too. Nila is obsessed with dinosaurs and we have the dinosaur one and also the unicorn one for her birthday 

These are used by filling up the pen and letting the little ones work their magic :) 

We are always adding learning books to our collection and the ‘my first busy jobs lets get to work book from DK is definitely a book a toddler would enjoy.

It’s full of colour and filled with pictures of all types of jobs . It has simple questions and activities that can get you and tour little one talking about and will help improve and encourage speaking and listening skills .

I hope these ideas have helped give you some tips for that little ones birthday coming up soon and you hope they have the best birthday ever! :)

-These products were gifted in exchange for an honest review 

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