Alessia loves anything creative . Whether it’s slime or experiment sets - she absolutely loves getting involved and making all sorts of different creations.

Thames and Kosmos have a lovely range out all to do with them stem - which is a curriculum based on Science , technology,  Engineering and Maths , and we have found it to be amazing when it comes to games and find that children learn so much more whilst experimenting .

We were kindly sent one of the Thames and Kosmos stem pepper mint experimenting  kits to test out - the magnificent mars expedition .

The idea behind the story is Pepper Mint goes on different adventures exploring and getting creative on the Red Planet. She takes you along with her too and you find out some really cool and fascinating facts aswell as build some incredible master pieces.

This set comes with 7 cool experiments to try out . Firstly you build the rocket ship and little pepper mint and then choose which experiment you want to explore first.

Alessia is a little obsessed with slime so magnetic slime making was definitely up first . Alessia read the instructions by herself and managed to make the slime following all the steps. It came out really good and she was fascinated by it .

You can also discover invisible magnetic fields with iron powder or help Pepper mint hover in the air using magnetic forces - they are all really fun !

The set is aimed at 8+ which I think is a perfect age for this type of kit. They retail at £25, which I think is great value for something that has multiple things to do inside plus you are learning at the same time - perfect for Xmas!

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review


  1. This is a great little kit. It's so nice to see more science orientated kits for kids. I think it helps them focus on it for longer

  2. Tnis sounds like a really fun kit and the plus side is , is that its so educational too. Learning whilst playing is definitely a great plus in my book.

  3. My mummy used to love playing with iron powder and magnets! This is a great learning game and looks really good fun!

  4. This sounds like such a fun set! I can definitely see this being something Jack would enjoy

  5. My daughter loves this set so much, there are so many experiments to learn from.

  6. Ooh this looks like fun, something that they can learn through play with - would make a great Christmas present


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