Since seeing the new Addam’s family film advertised , we’ve been so eager to watch it as we all love the original movies and I knew this one would be a hit! - especially with Nila.

We go to Spain on Monday so wanted to watch it before we go as no doubt it’ll be out of the cinema by the time we get back. Does anyone else think films aren’t in the cinemas for long any more , or is it just me ?

Anyway we headed to the Vue as we actually have some tickets free as a gift from the bank!, so it was a free trip- always love a free trip don’t you :)

I love the Vue and actually think it’s probably the best cinema out there for snacks and comfort . The seats are great - reclining and have so much leg space , especially for Mezz and Kay as they are pretty tall.

The film was absolutely brilliant and the girls loved it . Would definitely recommend it if you fancy taking the kids to the cinema this half term.

We also stopped off at Tesco to get some spooky Halloween Krispy kremes for after tea tonight . They looked pretty krusome but tasted SO good!.

It’s been a lovely day and it’s nice to have care free days isn’t it , where you just head out and have a bit of fun , care free days are the best :)


  1. We can't wait to go and see the new Addams Family film - we did manage to try the new Spooky Krispy Kremes last week on half term... delicious!

  2. I am old enough to remember the original television series which was very good. I loved the first film as well so I am sure you enjoyed your spooky night out.

  3. I do love a Krispy Kreme donut - these look fun!


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