When it comes to Christmas advent calendars - there are so many to choose from isn’t there?. The standard chocolate calendars have always been a favourite of mine from when I was a child but now the variety is endless.

I thought I’d share with you a few of our favourite calendars this year and perhaps give you a little inspiration when picking out yours :)


My other half loves his coffee and we are big fans of beanies coffee in this house . Beanies have brought out a coffee advent calendar which is packed with delicious flavoured coffee!.This one includes 48 different coffee sachets , 2 per day and also includes a Beanies mug!

On Christmas Eve you get one of Beanies Christmas flavour coffees , which we can’t wait to try! This one retails at £20.


Honestly , tea calendars for me are perfect!. I love my tea , and all kinds of herbal and fruit teas and this one from Holland and Barrett is the perfect little one for any tea lover .

 The 24 day advent calendar is the perfect way to start your cold morning and it retails at £4.99 which is an absolute steel.


We can’t stray away from the good old chocolate character calendars. Kinnerton have a variety of ones out and you can get pretty much any character going . Nila is obsessed with paw patrol at the minute and this one is going to make one little girl really happy on the 1st December :) .

The price varies for these ones depending where you get them from but they can picked up in most supermarkets


Toy calendars have become so popular over the years and there are lots to choose from depending on what your little ones are into. The Schleich Farm world calendar is perfect for any kiddies that love animals . The girls love going to the farm and are obsessed with all the different animals .

This one comes with an array of animals as well as feeding bits and also accessories . It retails at £24.99.

Hope these calendars give you a little inspiration when picking your ones this year :)

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  1. I haven't had an advent calendar in years, but it amazes me how many different types there are now!
    I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate, but I would love a coffee or tea advent calendar.

  2. That's a great range of hampers. Loving that there are options for the whole family. I think we've had the Paw Patrol one before.

  3. As a huge coffee lover I have the Beanies advent calendar and can not wait to start trying it

  4. My dad has the Beanies calendar, and I think it's a great price for what it is. I have a treatbox one with a whole selection of items and I can't wait to start opening it x

  5. Oh wow I am loving these calendars. Love the Holland and Barrett one for sure xx

  6. I didn't realise Beanies did an advent calendar, I'd definitely like to try that one. Mich X

  7. Some great advent calendar ideas! My kids really love the toy ones, they first had them last year and really enjoyed them.

  8. Fab ideas! I know my mum would absolutely love that Coffee one and as my little girl is currently obsessed with horses I know the Schleich one would be a big hit with her!

  9. Thank you for sharing this, I did not know Holland and Barrets did a Advent tea calendar! I am popping into town tomorrow and will be looking for this in my local store as I love herbal teas

  10. These calendars are fabulous and make great alternatives to the traditional ones. I like the idea of the farm one and my nephew would love the Paw Patrols one.


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