Wednesday 27 November 2019


When it comes to Christmas, we try and buy things that are not only fun for the girls but also practical. Not something we will be chucking away come the new year or putting up on the kitchen unit and never to be seen again.

Toys that are fun but also help little ones learn are so important to us and Nila is two now , she is at that age where she is constantly learning and finding out new things .

Learning resources have always been a go to of mine when it comes to presents for the girls and this year we have picked up the fine motor hedgehog for Nila this Christmas which can be purchased here :)

Spike is aimed at 18 months to 4 years old and comes in two parts which is easy to assemble. Toddlers then insert and remove his quills which encourages fine motor skills.

You can also ask your little one to put the blue ones in first , or ask them to take two out , so they are constantly learning new things with Spike : colours , numbers, adding.

We have kindly been gifted a Spike to giveaway to one of our readers :) to enter , simply click below and follow the requirements :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

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