Friday 29 November 2019


It’s that time again where I share with you some Christmas gifts for the kiddies that will hopefully give you some inspiration and some help when it comes to shopping for your little ones.

I think we all need a little helping hand at this time of year and also if there are any bargains to be had or sales then i will definitely let you know :)

Crafts in this house is an absolute must and we always pick up some new equipment for the girls for Christmas. We are big fans of little Brian paint sticks and they have launched their 2 in 1 art station . Double sided with a white board and chalk board it’s even better for siblings :)

It comes with 6 solid paint sticks and 6 chalks and 10 sheets of paper to start you off with. It has handy storage pots to store all your sticks in and folds away in a portable case perfect for little adventures.

It retails at £29.99 and can be purchased at Smyths

Nila loves the balance bikes at playgroup and they’ve given her such confidence since using them .The Hape balance bike is something we have got Nila for her main present this year .

A balance balance bike skips the training wheels and lets  your little one take the lead . Once they feel confident walking with the balance bike they can ease themselves into balancing it and then steering on their own.

This one is a gorgeous pastel blue and retails at around £60 .

I think most kiddies are a little bit obsessed with Baby shark aren’t they ?, these super cute singing puppets are definitely going to be a hit this year for Christmas.

They retail at £20 and can be purchased from the entertainer.

If you are looking for some creative gifts and have someone who loves a soak in the bath then this  diy bath bomb station is the ideal present .All the ingredients are measured out for you , making it even easier to make a bath bomb in just 10 minutes :)

With different scents to choose from and enough to make 6 bath bombs , this would be perfect for any one who loves a pamper session - I know Alessia is going to love this.

It retails at £19.99 and can purchased at Smyths.

Another great one for the creative kiddies - especially if they are into jewelry is the crystal gel studio.  Jewellery making to another level . Mix the gel  and add them to the moulds and you’ve made some really cool gel jewellery:)

Make over 20 jewels including pendants, rings and charms!

This retails at £14.99 but is on sale for £12.99 in Smyths Toys.

Last year Nila got some  Magicube sets for her birthday and she absolutely loves them . They are essentially magnetic cubes , that come in an array of different designs and sets .

  You have the coloured sets , the mix and match character sets here and the Safari park with 4 building ideas.Great for creative play and letting your little ones use their imagination.

All of these would make brilliant starter sets and can be purchased  from places like Amazon.

Playmobil 123 is a great range for toddlers and have some really lovely items that would make great presents. For a main present the Zoo would be perfect for any little ones that love animals . It comes with penguins and monkeys and some people to start your playmobil collection with.

The playground set also has a functioning swing for the monkey and it can be attached to the tree :)

This set retails at £34.99 and can be purchased from Playmobil

For a smaller gift the children’s carousel would be great or perhaps a stocking filler . It comes with one figure and has room for four little children. It’s a cute little octopus too which is really sweet .

This one retails at £11.99 and can be purchased from Playmobil.

We love new games for Christmas and the funnier the better . Shake off from Ideal is definitely going to be a funny one after Christmas dinner - the more you shake , the more you score! :)

The spinner decides where you have to wear the shake o meter and how you will shake . Arm , leg or even your bum!.  Once the timer has started , you and your opponent have until the Claxon sounds to get your shake on.

Shake off retails at £18.99 and can purchased from Smyths Toys.

Spike the motor hedgehog from Learning resources is a great gift for learning whilst having fun. He comes in two parts which is easy to assemble. Toddlers then insert and remove his quills which encourages fine motor skills.

You can also ask your little one to put the blue ones in first , or ask them to take two out , so they are constantly learning new things with Spike : colours , numbers, adding.

He retails at £16 and and can be purchased on their website .

I hope this guide has given you some ideas and helped you out when it comes to Christmas shopping this year :)

-This post contains gifted items

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