Saturday 23 November 2019


If you have followed me for a while now then you will know I love all things spiritual and anything to do with crystals or herbs then I am there :)

I am actually an eclectic witch, some might not have a clue what I am talking about , some of you do and some of you have followed my journey over the years in finding myself.

Anyway when it comes to shopping for supplies , so crystals for healing or different types of herbs needed for a ritual , I always like to shop first with small family businesses .

I use to run a small jewellery making business so I know how hard it can be sometimes when it comes to getting yourself out there and getting in the customers.

I always search Instagram first as there are some lovely accounts in there selling some amazing stuff. I came across a lady called Abbey who had created an online shop called moonmagick, now the name drew me in straight away - although I am an Earth sign , I am definitely a moon child at heart , you can ask anyone that .

 So I had a nosey and loved her stuff, she is definitely relatable and being a witch herself not just selling the stuff made me even more drawn . She sells crystals , bath soaks, home decor and jewellery.

I purchased some items and was also kindly gifted some items - which was so lovely of her and honestly the stuff is incredible .

I purchased some of her bath soaks which are all organic and ingredients are naturally sourced .My favourite is the Rosemary and Lavendar, the rosemary is great for cleansing , consecration, peace of mind and paired with the lavendar is great for stress and promotes a healthy mind .

The blackberry and pine bath soak smells absolutely incredible too and I’ve nearly used up all of that one .

Moonmagick also stock crystals and have recently launched tumble stones which are perfect if you are  after some new stones on a small budget . I picked up a gorgeous piece of labradorite which I hadn’t been able to find , so was over the moon as it relieves anxiety and stress and also calms an overactive mind - which I definitely need ! :)

I was also gifted a lovely chunk of Amethyst which is my absolute favourite . I have a piece of Amethyst in every room of the house .

They also stock home decor and jewellery and I was kindly gifted some lovely necklaces including this beautiful Hemlock Labradorite Posion locket. I’ve been in the look out for one of these as they are great to store little crystals for protection or herbs . I absolutely love it and embedded with some Labradortie makes it even more perfect.

-some gifted items included in this post

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