Thursday 21 November 2019


If you are following us over Instagram then you will know we have just come back from an all inclusive holiday in Spain - plenty of pasta and croissants to last me a life time, so when dietbon got in touch and offered a weeks trial of their weight loss meals, I jumped at the  chance - literally.

Dietbon is a diet plan which is perfect for anyone who  is looking to lose some extra pounds or has a busy lifestyle and just hasn’t got the time to eat healthy. The meals are deliverd straight to your door , which is perfect, and you can choose the day too - so no red letters being posted through your letter box :)


The concept behind the plan is 4 meals a day - breakfast , lunch , snack and dinner for 6 days , then day 7 is a free day , almost like a treat day if you wanted to , so you could have one of your favourite meals or a chocolate bar with your cup of tea - . Or perhaps a day to try and figure out a more healthy plan that’ll help you continue eating a little better , however you choose to do day 7 is entirely upto you


Before my delivery I spoke with a consultant from Dietbon who kindly explained the plan to me a little more - which is all in your guide book that comes with your meals . We had a lovely conversation which lasted around 40 minutes and was a real eye opener actually.

We discussed the plan itself , and also any questions I might have , how my diet was and if I did any exercise. I work in the community as a career so I am quite active - which also helps with weight loss and feeling good in yourself.

We also discussed fats and they are actually good for us and some of the foods that contain good fats so fish and rapeseed oil for example are great foods that have good fats in .

I chose my meals online - which there is such a big variety to choose from . You have a selection for each meal and also different options for your snacks. I think variety is definitely key when sticking to a diet plan.


The portion sizes for me did look a little small at first and I did think I would be hungry  but adding some fresh salad or vegetables gives you that extra nutrients and also fills you up for longer and I can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry for the whole week.

They take 2 minutes in the microwave and are 100% natural and do not contain any preservatives or GM ingredients which is a big plus.

I had my tea in the mornings along with my granola and fruit , then I had my snack which was the lemon cake and it was absolutely delicious!, along with a glass of water or squash.

 My lunch I had with either fresh salad or some cooked broccoli or vegetables , then dinner along with some veg and then my pudding which was the chocolate dessert and that was so good - even little Nila tried to pinch it off me :)

I really enjoyed the night teas and I already drink herbal teas anyway so these really were a nice treat and I’d like to continue with these .


I have thoroughly enjoyed the plan and have lost 3 and a half pounds doing it for the week. It has definitely given me back some confidence and made me feel less bloated and tired . 

I’d definitely recommend the plan if you are looking for one that is simple and easy to follow with absolutely delicious meals too. 

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