So this year I have said we are finally going to get the house sorted and unpack the last of the stuff from our move - yes we still haven’t unpacked it all, and I really want it all done within the next few months .

If you have followed me for a while then you will know when we moved home it was a complete rush and we ended up doing it on our own. It was a complete nightmare and so much stress. Trying to move home on your own with a 6 hour drive to the new house is not ideal.

Stick three children into the mix and it is a disaster waiting to happen. We also had to get rid of some stuff and also lost stuff in the move. Definitely don’t move alone !. 

I’ve got some tips and tricks if you are currently in the process of moving that might just save your bacon :)


If you can , then I would definitely say hire someone to do the moving for you. We have moved a few times now and like I mentioned, the last time we did it ourselves, never again, as that resorted in taking many trips back and fourth to our old property in the car and it was an absolute nightmare!. 

2Removal offer affordable removers that are an absolute godsend . They would definitely be one to look at for a stress free house move .

What’s great is you can actually get an instant quote which is free. All you need to do is fill in the form online and you will get a quote within a minute!.


If getting a removal team in isn’t right for you then get some help otherwise. Family and friends would definitely help out if you asked. Sometimes asking isn’t as easy as it seems , definitely easier said than done at times , but a little help goes a really long way. 


Take a break - don’t try and get it all done and burn yourself out . That is what we did and it’s really not good for you, mentally or physically. Scott had the worst back for months trying to get it done really quick . Take that break, stick the kettle on and have yourself a brew :)


I wish we did this . Unpacking as you go makes the job so much quicker . We still have boxes and boxes in the attic and shed because we just chucked it all in and then didn’t know where to start.

Get the wardrobes and furniture made and then you can unpack as you go. Putting storage boxes under the kids beds with the toys in and books on the shelves. Clothes can get hung up. 

I hope these tips and tricks give you a little motivation when it comes to the move that you are probably dreading. I’d love to know how you get on :)

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  1. I did it once on my own as in without professionals and it was a totally stressful experience. Great tips here!!!

  2. Brilliant post, so much to consider when it comes to moving house. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have a feeling I might need to move soon so I've been having a gradual clear-out to try and prepare for it. I have so much junk I haven't even used in years.

  4. These are some great tips. We have always done it on our own but if we move again, we won't be as it is far too stressful.

  5. I don't know when we'll next move, but I have to admit I won't be looking forward to it and I'll definitley enlist help. Mich x

  6. I hate moving, it's a hugely stressful time. Wish we had hired someone to do it for us

  7. I move every few years and am really enjoying it. But I'm only one person, I can imagine that it must be tough whith children and a full household

  8. So so agree with your tips. I have made the mistake once - trying to do it myself to save money but the amount of stuff we ended up breaking was so not worth it!

  9. I find moving so stressful. Thankfully I've not had to move for a few years and would hard to do so now that we've got three children in the mix. I've been lucky to have helpers help when I have moved and would seriously considering hiring movers next time.

  10. Moving can be so stressful!! These are some really good tips. Especially hiring someone to do it all for you. Though I suppose you have to be really organised with where everything is to start with.

  11. We moved to our first flat on our own, although admittedly we didn't have much stuff to move. However, we each subsequent move we have always used removals - so worth the money

  12. I remembered when I moved 7 times in the period of just 8 years. Even if it was in the same city, it was a nightmare! Hiring professionals is definitely something we'll consider next time (hopefully, in a long time :D)!

  13. There are some really good ideas here. A move can be stressful for sure - helpers are always welcomed


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