Saturday 18 January 2020


If you are not familiar with cleaning services, then finding the right one for you and your  home can be like opening a can of worms. You ask yourself  , where  do I start?

Now I know cleaning companies for the home or your office perhaps isn’t for everyone and a lot of people like to do all of the cleaning themselves to save on costs for example or maybe not that comfortable with people they do not know coming into their home.

All in all though sometimes it’s lovely to sit back and put your feet up and let the handy workers come in and take the weight load off of you for a while and have a break? I bet a lot of you are with me on that one aren’t you :) .

So if you are thinking about hiring a cleaning service, such as an Atlanta maid service or now thinking about that spare time you could have if you did hire one , where do you start looking and what do you need to know?



Hiring someone that is great at their job is what we all want right?. Getting a recommendation of off of a friend, neighbour or even someone at work is a bonus as you know what they are like already without having to go through the whole meet and greet and fire questions.

Ask around to see if anyone you know personally already have someone coming in to do their cleaning and you might even get a discount and so will your friend :)


I think everyone in general when it comes to asking questions forgets half of them when you are siting face to face with someone or in the moment . Then nine times out of ten you actually forget the answer because you haven’t wrote it down or there were to many to remember.

Write all the bits and bobs you want to find out and know on paper - Such as how many people will be in your home doing the cleaning , is there a minimum length of time they charge by or is it just how big the household size is?. What type of license they have ? Or do they even have one ?

Then  you can write down wall the answers to your questions so when they leave you are not sitting there dumb founded as you have forgotten half of what they said - yes this has been me on more than one occasion, hence why I always write my questions and answers down now .


Get rid of all the old stuff that you no longer need or want  . If you have children, get rid of  all the old toys they no longer play with or that have been sitting on top of the wardrobe gathering dust - which you spend most of the year polishing rather than playing with them . Take them to your local charity shop and clear up some space.


When you have chosen the right cleaning service for you and the professionals come round to do the initial check and chat  ,  do not clean up for them . A lot of people make the biggest mistake of cleaning the home before they arrive .

We all do this without realising when we are due visitors , a quick hoover and polish before someone’s coming round is almost automatic.leave that hoover alone and duster alone.

Let them see what your home normally looks like on a ‘need to clean day’ . This will let them know exactly what they need to do , the time they need and also how much it will cost . You don’t want to get into the habit of cleaning up before they arrive as this defeats the object.

I hope these tips and tricks help you find exactly what you are looking for . If you do find the right cleaning service for you, then do let me know what you spend your free time on :) 

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