Monday 20 January 2020


Anyone that knows me knows that I love to dance . Dancing has always been a passion of mine from a young age and the girls have definitely followed in my footsteps.

I actually studied performing arts in college and they were definitely some of my favourite years :) I have always loved films like fame and footloose- you just can’t beat the 80s can you :)

Fast forward years later - a mum of three and them days are gone , but they really don’t have to be . 

Over the years dancing has become more than just a profession. It’s also a hobby,  a great source of exercise and most importantly, so much fun!.

Dance classes are definitely something I have been looking into recently now I have a little bit of time for myself , but  finding one that I’d feel comfortable going to has been a little bit of a struggle, until I came across Mum Dance.

Mum- Dance founder Hebe is a mother who loves to dance!. After she had her children she wanted to go to a dance and exercise class that was fun but obviously effective so she decided to start choreographing 1980’s dance routines in her kitchen- a woman definitely after my own heart.

Inspired by all the famous 80s trends - leotards , leg warmers and the hit films fame and flash dance : that’s where Mum-Dance was created. 

With only 4 Mum-Dancers in the beginning to now classes all over the UK. Thousands of women every week get their fitness kicks whilst having the time of their lives!.

Also have been voted by OK magazine as one of the top 4 dance classes  in the UK - what an achievement.

The Mum-Dance Promise - What can I expect?
  • You can wear what you like . Come exactly as you are - they do have a Mum Dance Kit which includes some really cool slogan tops.
  • You will improve your core strength- I definitely need this!
  • You will improve muscle tone and lose them  extra lbs :)
  • You will have the best laughs and make new friends
  • You will most definitely sweat! :)
  • You will want to wear leg warmers and spandex’s- think future fame cast member!

All you have to do is pop on over to the website and book your classes there and then - as easy as that!.

I’d love to hear if you are a mum-dancer and if you have every done anything like this before . Also if you do book some lessons then definitely let me know . 

I’d love to see how you get on :)

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