Tarot cards have been part of my life for years now .  I definitely think they are becoming more ‘acceptable’ and not so taboo as the years have gone on.

We now have people who read tarot as a living which is amazing , and definitely changed from what it was portrayed for back in the day.

My collection is definitely a big one , and I could probably open up my own tarot shop, but I definitely think different decks are for different purposes . I have a specific deck I use for my daily draw and also for my tarot planner for the year.

Another deck I solely use at Samhain / Halloween , and some that are mostly used around Spring and

I recently was gifted a new deck, that I hadn’t actually heard of , but after having a little google , found it to be quite a popular French deck- The Tarot Of Marseille.

This 78 card deck was published in 1970, one of the oldest decks I own now . It was published by a French company called Grimaud.

The images are very basic and are of the primary colours - yellow, red and blue .

If you are new to tarot and not sure how to read cards , the cards literally speak for themselves. What you see in the card is what is being told to you.

As a beginner I would definitely say this deck would not be for you.

It doesn’t come with a booklet and the cards are in French so if you are not familiar with all the cards in a tarot deck then you really wouldn’t know which card is which, but as a reader who knows her cards, I am really excited to do some more readings with this deck as I think it’s a lovely one and definitely not something I already own.

If you are interested in learning tarot or find yourself being a little curious then definitely check out 7tarot, where you can have free readings and get to know the meanings of the cards :)

I’d love to hear if you are a tarot reader and what your favourite deck is ..

-Gifted items in exchange for this review


  1. Very interesting, I haven't seen tarot cards before or have ever been to a reading. The cards look very nice but, as a novice, I wouldn't know what to read in them :)

  2. I am so intrigued by tarot cards. I’ve never used them or had a reading but I think I’d really like to get a reading.

    Thank you for sharing x

  3. I don't know much about tarot at all, but the cards look beautifully made. I will definitely need to check out the meaning of the cards and it looks very interesting!

  4. Oooo tarot cards. Never had a set and never had mine read. I really would like to just to see what the outcome. A lot have said they really come out correct

  5. My mummy has always been fascinated by tarot readers and the cards. She's going to brew a cuppa and investigate further!

  6. I definitely think tarot is becoming more acceptable and less taboo now. I don't know much about it but this looks like a lovely deck.

  7. A Very interesting Read, a nice design in the cards aswell but something that appeals to alot of people

  8. I have never had my cards read, but do think that tarot cards are becomming a much less of a tboo subject

  9. Tarot is something that has always interested me! This looks like a fab tarot deck. I will definitely check out the site you recommended.

  10. I have not used tarot cards since I was a teen, would love to have them read again though

  11. I've been really interested in tarot cards recently, I need to try some out.

  12. I've always been interested by Tarot and would love to be able to read them.


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