Friday 24 January 2020


Deciding on where to go for a family holiday can be difficult. Finding a place to go, which offers the perfect balance between relaxation for the grown-ups and fun for the kids is a tricky thing to achieve.

If you’re stuck for holiday inspiration, why not try something completely new to freshen things up a bit, and take a break from the traditional family beach holiday.
Everyone knows someone that has been away on a cruise and come home singing the virtues of holidays on the water. You may be wondering what all the hype is about and whether a cruise holiday really is a family-friendly option. Well, a holiday on board a cruise ship is very much a family-friendly choice for parents with kids of all ages. The number of Britons taking cruise holidays seems to be increasing each year.
If you are planning to book your family onto a cruise, it is a good idea to use a specialist cruise travel company so that you can receive expert advice. Using a specialist cruise travel agency will help you to find the perfect cruise for your family, which best suits your tastes and choice of destinations.
Here are some of the reasons that a cruise makes the ideal family holiday:
A Stress-Free Break for all the Family 
As a parent, a typical family holiday can be quite stressful.  Preparing food for the kids, keeping them entertained, and then trying to navigate the airport can leave you feeling tired and stressed. In contrast, a holiday on a cruise ship means that all your meals are prepared for you, there’s plenty to do, and every member of the family can relax and enjoy quality time in each other’s company.
Plenty of Things to Do
Cruise ships feature an abundance of activities, so whatever you and your family are into, you are sure to find it onboard. From watching amazing shows and performances, through to getting active on the basketball court and in the pool, there is no time to get bored! A cruise enables the family to spend time together, enjoying quality time away from the stress of everyday life. In a way, it is like being inside a bubble, where you can sit back, relax and have fun, with a fantastic array of facilities available to you.

One Holiday, Multiple Destinations
A cruise offers you the opportunity to visit numerous destinations all during one holiday. That means that you only need to pack once, to enjoy a whole range of different destinations, without any of the logistical nightmares you would typically experience when planning a multi-destination trip. 
With the cruise ship as your base, you can enjoy exploring during the day and then head back on board at night. Having the familiarity of the cruise ship is an excellent way to prevent the kids from becoming too unsettled. 
Stopping at more than one destination enables you to get so much more from your holiday, and offers the kids a real adventure to look forward to during the trip.
Manageable Costs
When you consider all the extras that need to be paid for on a typical holiday, costs can quickly add up. Meals out at restaurants, excursions, and activities can send the cost of an average holiday spiralling out of control.
One of the best things about cruises is most things on board are included in the cost of your holiday. Meals, drinks and many onboard activities have typically been paid for in advance when you paid for your trip. This means that you won’t need to continually pay more once you are on the cruise ship and instead can relax and enjoy yourself.
Make Lasting Memories
The excitement of seeing the massive cruise ship docked for the first time, and then stepping on board is sure to be something that your kids will remember forever. A cruise can be a truly magical holiday for kids as it offers such a unique experience. The opportunity to feel the wind in their hair as they set sail for an exciting destination will feel like an adventure to them.
Without the distractions of everyday life, and with lots to see and do onboard, you are all free to enjoy each other’s company and make special memories that will last for a lifetime.

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