This summer definitely isn’t what I thought it would be , thanks to a virus that has completely turned the world upside down , even so, I am determined to not let it bring me down and still try and enjoy life with the girls as much as I can :)

I’m absolutely loving the weather at the minute , I’m not going to lie , I have moaned a little about how hot it has been getting here in Staffordshire, 30C , but never the less , us Brits wouldn’t be British If we didn’t have a few moans about it right? :)

We are currently in a heat wave and I think this has got to be the hottest summer we have had in a few years and I am absolutely loving it !.

I wanted to share my summer loves with you as I love reading these types of posts and enjoy writing them too :)

First one is a new thing I have only discovered this summer - iced coffee, oh my word I am hooked!. I love coffee in general and can’t start the morning without one but had never tried iced coffee. Tik tok has been famous for its whipped iced coffee this year and I gave it a go and I am definitely sold.

Loads of ice , some Jordan’s skinny caramel syrup , ice cold milk and some whipped coffee and I am one happy girl !.

The garden has definitely been my saviour during lockdown and we are really enjoying being in the garden this summer , even to get 5 minutes outside in the sunshine with a coffee has really done wonders for my mental health and we all need that vitamin D don’t we? :)

Reading is something I have always loved , and although I do love a good book in the autumn months snuggled up in bed with candles ,I have been loving  sitting in the garden getting stuck into a good book. There’s definitely a different kind of feeling reading in the different seasons , do you agree?

Plus once you get stuck into a good read , and your in the sunshine , the sun can get on with doing its magic, and I’ve got a lovely tan , which I might add , I didn’t even get when we went to turkey or Spain HA !

Be sure to use your sun cream thought. I’ve enjoyed using the Hawaiian  sun spray this summer. We picked it up for primark and it smells so good , coconut!

We don’t live close to a beach which is one of our favourite places to go , but we did manage to get away to Hemsby a few weeks ago and I love the beach there . It’s one of my favourite places to be and we have been going for years now as my mum and dad have moved to Norfolk.

I’m hoping we can take a little drive to Blackpool beach for a family day out before the summer ends, keeping my fingers and toes crossed .
Cheesecake in a bowl! It’s way to hot to eat half the time here , salads are our go to , but I have come up with a cheesecake in a bowl dessert and it is SO good! We went strawberry picking and we got the most gorgeous strawberries which tasted amazing in this dessert , you definitely need to try it!

Curly care free hair , yes ! . Gone are the straighteners and hair dryers and out comes the curls . After a hair wash I plait my hair and let it do it’s thing over night and take it out the next day, so simple and less fuss .

I’d love to know what your summer loves are this year and I really hope you are all making the most of this lovely weather :)


  1. I dont mind it being warm but 30c is too much for me lol, though i do love a cold ice coffee, our summer has been a quiet one with the odd day out, but making the most of it as we can.

  2. Cheesecake in a bowl sounds AMAZING!! The weather has been so lovely hasnt it, I have been super grateful for my son on an evening though to get some sleep lol!

  3. The weather has been so hot but sadly it kept us away from the beaches as it gets too busy where we live. The cheesecake in a bowl looks scrummy


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