When I was younger , my brother and I loved anything that you could build with . It kept us amused for hours and one thing we loved most was K’Nex.

If you are not sure what K’Nex is then you must be living under a rock as it was the ultimate toy back in the 90s to collect and play with and they have brought out some new additions : Kid K’Nex.

What I love most about these sets is they are great for developing STEM skills and  encourage children to use them in every aspect of play. It allows your kiddies to explore their imagination and creative side and let  it run wild, which is so lovely to see.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been sent out two of their new sets - the Oodles of Pals and the Safari Mates . The girls were so excited to get in there and start getting creative, and so was I !.

The Safari Mates are so cute ! . We were sent a lion set but they actually have five building ideas for you to design all with their 21 pieces .

This was the first set Nila wanted to build as she is absolutely obsessed with animals and the zoo at the minute ,  and it’s been going strong for 2 weeks now, I think she’s found a friend :)

She did really well building this by herself , having just turned 3. The connectors are easy for hand eye coordination and she was really proud of herself for only needing a little bit of help.

The Oodles of Pals consists of 116 pieces to dig into which include shoes, eyes, horns and wheels, and has 60 designs for you to create . I knew the girls would want the digger for their sand tray and they worked together with this one and did a really great job.

I love how easy the instructions are for you to build your design , so simple which keeps the children focused rather than giving up because it looks to hard or complicated.

In all honestly , there isn’t really a wrong way of making the designs  as what ever design you create   , looks absolutely amazing, especially if you stick a pair of the cute needy eyes on !

Endless fun with these pieces , you just carry on creating .

These sets are designed and aimed at 3+ and we have loved testing them out and Nila has already demanded to start her Christmas list early so she can add some more to their collection :)

Once your little ones have mastered these sets , they can test their Kid K’Nex skills with the older range , and also add to their collection and have an army of K’Nex creatures :)

They are available to purchase from most retail stores including Argos and smiths toys.

-Gifted items in exchange for a honest review


  1. I loved K'Nex when I was a kid too and Jack is a big fan of it now! These sets look absolutely fantastic.

  2. Now it looks like you can build some really fun items using knex! I love the big eyes for so reason that makes the build so fun!

  3. I played with it the first time around, and often these were a good thing at school also as then can help build creativity and puzzle solving almost, great review.

  4. These look like great fun for obviously playing with but also getting the brain into a creative mode. Will have to look into these

  5. I have never tried Knex with my kids, but these look fab. Will have to look into them for Xmas

  6. My kids used to have Knex sets and absolutely loved playing with them. They've sadly outgrown them now. Beth S

  7. I don't have my own kids but I have definitely heard of K'Nex! I know loads of children who are obsessed with it.

  8. I never had Knex as a kid, but my brother used to be pretty obsessed with it as he loved anything he could construct x

  9. This looks like a fun kit to keep the kids busy. We used to build things when Mary was little too


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