Comfort food is definitely needed now the weather is a lot colder and my favourite go to’s are easy slow cooker meals.

Slow cookers this time of year are the perfect thing to make yummy dishes that will feed all the family with little to no effort and taste delicious!.

My hearty slow cooker beef stew is a family favourite of ours and it is so easy to make.


500G Lean diced beef

5 Large carrots

1 Large onion

Oxo cube

Cup of frozen peas

4 teaspoons of gravy granules 

Fresh Rosemary 

Worcestershire sauce 

1 litre of stock - can be beef or Vegetable 


Chop your onions and carrots and pop them in your slow cooker along with your beef.

We have the Vonshef 3.5 litre slow cooker which is the perfect size for big families or for making extras for leftovers for work and lunch the next day .

Perfect for meal prepping too, you all know how much I love to meal prep, and this slow cooker serves up to 8 people so that’s plenty of portions for the week :)

It has three settings , low , high and also keep warm which a lot of slow cookers don’t have . This setting is great for keeping dinner warm if you are waiting on the kids to get in from school or your partner is running late from work.

It’s made of strong stainless steal and RRP £34.99.

I love it and it’s perfect for our family of 5 :)

Once all your ingredients is in your slow cooker , make up your stock and add in your oxo cube , your gravy granules and a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce into your jug too.

Pour this in your slow cooker and give it all a good mix . Pop your rosemary on top and put it on low for 8 hours .

After 4 hours ,if you are at home , take your Rosemary out and give it all a good stir.I add my peas in now too.

Then by tea time it is time to serve up. We have this with veg and mash or a big bowl of stew and some crusty bread :)

I’d love to know if you recreate this recipe , if you do them tag me on Instagram :)

-Gifted Slow cooker 


  1. I am obsessed with beef casserole at the moment so I am definitely going to try this. My slow cooker has been so over used this year but I love coming home from work knowing dinner is sorted x

  2. Ohh now I know someone who would absolutely love this! I really could do with using my slow cooker more, so perhaps I need to try making this.

  3. You can't beat a beef stew at this time of year, especially when it has been made in the slow cooker. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

  4. Ohh looks like such a hearty beef stew, I know my partner will love this, will have to try out this recipe

  5. I absolutely love a good slow cooker recipe for this time of year. Yours looks like a great size for families!


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