Friday 20 November 2020


 So with only just over a week left until the 1st of December , it has been operation prepare for Christmas in our house.

Every year I start preparing for Christmas a week or so before December hits , so I feel a little bit more organised and it isn’t a mad rush and also a huge expense so close to the big day.

I’ve got some tips and tricks I thought I would share in the hope that it’ll help the manic Christmas build up become less manic and more enjoyable :)


So the first thing I do is make a list . This one might seem an obvious one but I know a lot of people that actually don’t and you’d be surprised at how much you miss when not doing one.

I’m not talking a shopping list or the kid’s Christmas toy list as they are essential aren’t they , i am talking a list of the important things that need to be done , or the little things , like  the fairy lights that you’ve remembered are broke and will forget to buy if you don’t write them down , yes that was me a few years ago :)

Write your important Christmas list and tick everything off as you go and you will definitely feel less stressed and more in control.


This goes for food shopping and the presents . Buy little bits each week or when you see something, don’t wait for the ‘big shop’ . If you see the doll that your little one wants as you happen to be in b&m, pick it up , or wrapping paper at the til in Sainsburys, grab a few rolls.

Don’t wait until the last minute and do the panic buy massive shop. Buy bit by bit and by Christmas Eve you will be sitting in front of the Tv with a film on a nibbles rather than being in the biggest queue in Asda for Christmas crackers and gherkins! :)


I think by now we all do this one every year , especially if you do have children. I allocate a few boxes a day for a week and whilst the children are at school I declutter and get rid of things that are broke , the children don’t play with anymore and things that haven’t even been opened .

We have a bin, charity and Facebook pile so that way we are not only getting rid of broken toys and making space, gifting to charity and also getting back a few pennies which are always going to come in handy for Christmas :)


The stress of Christmas and making it ‘perfect’ , almost ends up taking away what Christmas is all about. For us , it’s spending quality time as a family and having as much fun and making memories.

Plan some activities so things aren’t always running at 90MPH, yes lockdown and covid is a struggle at the minute for planning trips to Santa or the cinema , but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan some great activities.

Movie nights , and slow cooker help yourself hot chocolate station are a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas.Set the table up with some festive stickers and paints and make some Christmas tree cards or some Santa hands after school.

Go for a walk after dinner and see how many houses you can find with their Christmas trees in the window - ideas are endless .


Last but not least , wrap as you go . It is never to early to start wrapping . Trust me on this one . I was once up until 4am wrapping presents because I NEVER use to wrap as I bought . Definitely start wrapping now , you’ll definitely thank me later :)

I hope these little tips and tricks help you out this Christmas and I really do hope you and your family have the loveliest Christmas.

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