Saturday 21 November 2020


 Weekends are definitely made for relaxing and doing as little as possible in my opinion :)

I had the busiest work week ,that I have actually had in a long time ,and was so ready for a Saturday of no work and just some quality time with the girls .

It’s all go go go in our house at the minute with one thing or another so today was a chilled out day and we definitely spent it wisely.

We spent the whole morning with the Christmas crafts out. We are all feeling super festive and the Christmas spirit is in full swing in this house :)

We had the Xmas songs on and the girls made some lovely pieces of art work. The girls love crafts and can spend hours making their creations . 

We had all the beige snacky plates for lunch, they are the best aren’t they. Sausage rolls , fruit , crisps - the works!.

I did end up putting the washing away whilst the girls finished off their lunch, but that saved me doing it on Monday morning, so I will be thanking my past self come Monday :)

We had been planning to watch Jingle Jangle all week and just hasn’t got the time to do it so I made some tea and biscuits and set up the sofa and we spent the rest of the evening snuggled up watching films .

We did watch Scooby Doo first , but it’s the girls’ current obsession and I quite like the movies , but it was definitely operation watch Jingle Jangle today and we did it and it was such a great film.

If you’ve not watched it yet then I definitely recommend it . It’s on Netflix and is classed as a Christmas film , but I wouldn’t say it was super Christmassy, but definitely magical and a lovely sing song film.

The girls are in bed flat out now , and I’m going to catch up on a few emails and hit the sack. It’s been a lovely day , and a day of rest was definitely needed :)

We are putting the Xmas tree up next weekend and I can not wait! 

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