Sunday 22 November 2020


 Reading is one of my loves and it has been since I was little . I read most genres , horrors especially as I love being scared , yes I am weird! :) 

but I also love reading success stories and books that might have start with heartache for the author at the beginning, but they made it through whatever they went through .

I was recently sent out a new book to review called From broken to brave - Profound life and business lessons learned on my journey through pain, loss and abuse to successfully entrepreneur by Sam Pearce.

I knew instantly I was going to love this book and I loved Sam’s big smile on the front cover - happiness :)

This book is such a gripping read . She doesn’t write only about the bad that has happened in her life or what she went through.

Although she experienced pain from her friend’s suicide  , the loss of her identity and mental health abuse as well as physical abuse , she also lets us in on the happiness , that she made it through all of that .

Starting a whole brand new life , which is such a scary thing to do , I have been there and felt every word when reading how she set out to start fresh , so brave .

Starting a new business and becoming a success , after everything she had been through is such an achievement and it takes hard work and dedication.

I read this book in an hour gripping a hot coffee , I was hooked and couldn’t put it down .

Sam wrote her story , not as a sympathy book , but a book of hope , to show that no obstacle is permanent , no heartbreak unrecoverable, and nothing is ever broken .

If you have been through anything like this then I would definitely give this book a read , it lets you know that you are not alone and someone else has walked in them shoes and come out the other side having made it :)

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