Present buying is in full swing and we really are feeling super festive and so excited for Christmas :)Today I bring you my Children’s gift guide for this Christmas. Full of some fantastic gifts that I know the kiddies are going to absolutely love this year!.

Aqua doodle has been a great gift for children for years and they bring endless hours of fun don’t they? and they are mess free !

There are quite a few different ones you can pick up depending what type you are looking for but they can be purchased from most places including Smyths toys.

Carddies are a firm favourite in this house and has been for years . The perfect gift to encourage creative and imaginative play as well as role play, which children absolutely love .

Carddies Amazon store is the place to purchase all your sets as well as Mama Brown & Co . Whether you are looking for a set for your pirate loving little one or want a more traditional Christmas set, they have something for everyone :)

Mini Brands from Zuru has become so popular this year , and I know for one , Alessia is absolutely mad for it all. They have got this brilliant mini Mart set which would make a great starting point for any child’s collection.

Build your own store with this real life mini mart which includes realistic sounds too.Comes with 4 mystery surprise bags , which ones will you get ?

This set retails at around £29 and can found on Amazon and asda.

Family games are a must have for Boxing Day .We always spend hours at the table playing games. Sketchy,the speedy game of sketch and swipe would make the ultimate family fun game this year .

The sketcher has 30 seconds to sketch 6 pictures that explain the subjects on the card for the other players to guess . Sound like a game your kids would love? You can pick it up from Smyths toys for £19.99.

Crown the unicorn is a lovely game from Cheatwell games for all the unicorn lovers.The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown and the unicorn won but the lion chased her into the forest where she lost it .

Can you help her find it ? Without bumping into the angry lion ? .Retails at £9.99 .

Another game from Cheatwell, great family one - Topix  , you can play on your own or in teams . Pick a topix tile and say as many things you can related to that tile , but with a twist ..

You can only use answers that begin with the given letter , so it might be cartoon films beginning with D, not as easy now is it ? :)

This one retails at £24.99.

Gemex is something I have only just come across but the girls absolutely love it and have asked for some more to add to their collection.

Magically gel that sets to gems in three minutes , there are so many different designs to choose from and they can be found in Smyths toys 

Rainbocorn from Zuru have an amazing range for the kids this year . Cute collectibles and also great for swapping with friends.

You might be lucky enough to find the rare itzy glitzy, they are the cutest collectibles around and can be found in Smyths toys for only £9.99.

Why not add to your little ones collection while your there and pick up their super cute Rainbocorn wild heart surprise also at Smyths toys for £19.99.

This cutie has an array of surprises layered on her and is the softest cuddly rainbocorn you will ever meet :)

Fashion lovers will love these Harumika sets from Smyths Toys . I can remember these from years ago and it was such a surprise to see them out again.

They would go amazing with a little hamper of goodies to start up your little ones fashionista journey wouldn’t they :) 

Memory jars are something I have loved doing since I was little . John Adams have these lovely Star Jars  which you can pick up from Argos for £13.99.

Lovely keep sake gifts for collecting memories and best friends letters in . They do a few different ones including this one .

Orchard toys are great gifts for the younger ones , and I love that they encourage learning along the way. This rainbow unicorn game is great colour matching game . 

Develops matching and memory skills and colour recognition skills. Perfect gift for your little munchkins.

I hope this gift guide gives you some inspiration when your on the lookout for presents this year , do let me know if you pick any of these up :)

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  1. Lots of fantastic gift ideas here indeed, I know my daughter would love the Rainbocorn gift as she has been talking about it for a while now. The price also seems right.

  2. I thought that Super Rainbow Deluxe rang a bell as I remember seeing something like that when I was very young, but I could be mistaken!

  3. Some lovely gift ideas here. You have definitely given me some ideas for my two - they are so hard to buy for

  4. Oo, we love playing games as a family! Lots of great ideas for Christmas here - thanks.

  5. The gem maker is the kind of thing I'd have loved as a kid. There are so many cool looking kids presents now! x

  6. I love all these gift ideas ,they all look so good, I have s0me nephews to buy for so this is very useful.

  7. Love these gift ideas and can imagine a lot will be on Christmas wish lists this year. We are huge fans of Orchard Toys.

  8. Amazing selection, I would play with the Harumika dolls myself! Like the idea of Gemex and Sketchy too, something for the whole family here!

  9. I came across the mini brands just the other day and I think its brilliant. I can imagine it to be a popular choice this Christmas.

  10. My niece would love the gemex set. Some great ideas here and some super gift inspiration

  11. My kids used to love their aquadoodle sets, such a great mess tree toy


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