Being self employed and working from home definitely has it perks. Coffee breaks when you want and you can wear what you want all day , every day, bliss! :)

Tie dye co ord set

Saying that though , falling in a trap of wearing your pyjamas all day , just because you can , can definitely get you falling into a trap of no motivation and feeling rubbish and uninspired.

Now winter has hit, staying in your Pj’s can definitely be an excuse to not wanting to get ready for the day, but you can definitely do comfy and look great at the same time !

I have picked up a few pieces online to see me through to Christmas and I am so in love with them!.

My absolute favourite piece to wear at the minute is a jumpsuit. It’s definitely jumpsuit season and there are so many different styles to choose from , including this grey gorgeous off the shoulder jumpsuit

It’s has lovely ribbed detailing and also a detachable belt, which you could switch up for a different one to change the outfit style completely.

This jumpsuit is slightly oversized on me ,which makes it even more comfy. Definitely one for this Christmas and this could be paired up with some chunky boots to go out in too.

 Joggers are definitely my go to if I’m in a rush and need a quick outfit to throw on but also super comfy, a cute tee and some joggers and your good to go. 

I always tend to go with black joggers as I think they are easier to pair up with any tee - also great for workouts too before work, get a quick work out done and then open up the laptop, #girlboss :)

Co-ord sets are a staple in any girls wardrobe . They are soft , comfy and come in every  colour and Tie dye has hit this year and has become so popular hasn’t It .

 I haven’t actually got anything in my wardrobe that is tie dye , shock I know!, but I found this gorgeous tie dye oversized co-ord which had my name written all over it.

It isn’t super thick , which I like when it comes to co-ord sets ,  but the material is so soft and I love the pastel tie dye , subtle but still so pretty.

If you are looking for a more fitted Two piece Co-ord set just to make you feel a little more put together but still feeling super comfy then this black ribbed set is gorgeous too. Flared legs and hugs you in all the right places . 

This one would also make a lovely going out set to wear . Some heels and a chunky scarf , with lockdown ending next week , I know a date night is definitely on the cards for me :) 

Let me know if you’ve been spending some pennies on some comfies for this winter , and do share with me what you picked up :)



  1. I quite like that great jumpsuit. That seems super comfy and perfect for working from home.

  2. Winter is one month which I do enjoy wearing some comfies as I relax and unwind by the fire place enjoying a nice cuppa. The jumpsuit is my favourite.

  3. Some lovely clothes there, they really suit you and look super comfy. I love comfy clothes at this time of year

  4. I am a joggers girl too, my go to comfy pants! However, I have to admit to wearing my onesie more during the day recently. I'm not going anywhere and therefore I cannot offend anyone, it's all about the comfort when working from home! Sim x

  5. I work from home too, and I couldn't live without my comfies! I've defintely put a few lockdown pounds on though, so I couldn't pull off that gorgeous jump suit LOL!

  6. Even though I'm not self employed I've been working at home a lot which means a lot of loungewear. I never even owned a pair of joggers before this summer x

  7. That grey jumpsuit is gorgeous, I bet it is really warm and snuggly

  8. I would love some comfies for home. I work in a school and we have to be interview-ready every day!

  9. I am guilty of staying in my pj's all day. but it does make you less motivated to work. So I do try and get dressed. I normally go for leggings and a big fluffy cardigan or joggers and a baggy hoodie

  10. I do like comfy warm clothes for the winter that are stylish but comfortable. I have not been shopping since March. I would love to go clothes shopping for lounge wear for sure.


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