Wednesday 25 November 2020


This year we have been so excited for some family Christmas films and series’s that have been announced for Netflix release this year.

We also have a few of our favourites that we watch every year , but wanted to share with you our family Netflix Christmas watch list for the December .

First was Jingle Jangle , that we actually watched last week and we loved it . It’s about a toy maker who ends up having something precious stolen from him and loses his belief in magic.

I wouldn’t say it was a Christmassy film but definitely a family one and such a lovely musical too.

Christmas chronicles 2 I think is on everyone’s watch list isn’t it?. It came out today on Netflix and we are waiting for the weekend to watch it with popcorn , hot chocolates and lots of blankets on the sofa :)

Angela’s Christmas wish comes out on the 1st December. We have watched Angela’s Christmas for three years now and love it . It’s about a family who go to church on Xmas eve and little one Angela takes the baby Jesus from the church to keep him warm.

It’s a lovely story and a go to for us every Christmas . Angela’s Christmas wish is about Angela setting off to make a plan to bring their dad home for Christmas who is working away in Australia- I think I am more excited about this one than the girls !.

Sugar rush Christmas is a baking series on Netflix that me and Alessia really enjoyed watching last year . We are super excited for this year’s second series which comes out on Friday 27th November , be warned ! You’ll be wanting all the cakes and cookies after this and will definitely get the baking itch :)

Just another Christmas is a film that comes out on Thursday 3rd December- stuck in a time trap where it’s forever Christmas , a family man who hates the holiday starts to learn valuable lessons about what is important In life .

Dreamworks holiday classics are great short films to watch before bed or after dinner . 30 minutes long and include  Madagascar, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.

This one we have been watching since October - The Grinch :) It is Nila’s absolutely favourite and such a classic and you can’t help but love the Grinch. 

I’d love to hear what’s on your watch list this year and any recommendations you have 🎄

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