Tuesday 18 July 2017


Writing has been one of Alessia's targets over the last two parents evenings. She loves writing and making stories but gets carried away in her story which results in her rushing and next thing you know, her writings all over the place.

When we were contacted to review the writing slope by Inxact Design i thought this would be a great tool to try out with Alessia.

The slope itself is pretty simple in design and sits on a table/desk with a pen/pencil slot at the top, has a non slip base and a slight lip at the bottom for your paper to sit in.

*It improves handwriting skills*

*Enhances concentration* 

*Helps with posture*

*Reduces shoulder stress when colouring*

*Great for all students*

*Doubles up as a recipe holder/book stand*

*Left and right hand friendly*

Alessia has loved using it and i can honestly say it has made a difference to her hand writing, she doesn't rush as much and sitting at her desk,she takes her time.

Retailing at £21.99 plus free delivery, can be purchased on amazon 

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