Wednesday 23 August 2017


One place Alessia loves to go is soft play and i will honestly hold my hands up and say we rarely take her. The reason why? i have no clue. We use to always take Kadiann when she was younger, so i've vowed to take her at least once a month.

We had to nip to Asda so decided to go to the closest one which is Funsters. I've not actually been to this one before and from the outside i wasn't expecting much but it's pretty big and has more than one slide..yay!. Alessia is always a little nervous at first if shes on her own, with a friend you wouldn't see her for the duration of the stay, but on her own it's like taking baby steps for the first 10 minutes.

We had a lovely lunch and pricing isn't that bad. Scott opted for a full English breakfast and me and Alessia had a kids meal which was only £2.49 for a sandwich,chips and crisps, bargain! Although trying to get Alessia to eat whilst shes eager to play by this point is impossible . Pepsi's and cold slush puppies all round to wash lunch down with afterwards.

We was hoping to take Nila into the baby section but it was packed with older children, does anyone else get this in their soft plays? no matter what the signs say there will always be older children in the baby and toddler section running riot.I turn into the incredible hulk usually and want to chuck all the big kids out but i had restraint this time and opted for a walk around with little munchkin :) She loved being out and all the different people and sounds, you could tell she was really taking it all in.
,which was so adorable.

The afternoon ended with Alessia going on one of the machines, 'play until you win' ,does anyone else have a child that is obsessed with these? she loves them and the tattoo machines.She hit jackpot as she managed to pick two sweets up with the grabber. For any of you that are wondering, no she didn't share them :)

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