Monday 21 August 2017


As a mother of two already and never had experienced the whole baby wearing, I knew when Nila came along, I was definitely going to try it and couldn't wait to be honest.

The world of baby wearing is huge, I have never seen so many types of products when it comes to wearing a baby. Carriers, wraps,slings,bags. I mean, i have never come across so much variety, which one do you pick? which is best? 

After a few google searches and hunting through social media, I came across a brand called iswaddle .Sharing their beautiful pictures of the baby wrap on their instagram , I knew a wrap was definitely for me.

The First Trial

I wish I had captured this on one of my Weekly Vlogs because I was in fits of laughter. I have never seen so much material in all my life. My two daughters were practically crying with laughter at their mum trying to wrap this sheet around her,but I did it, and honestly, it looks a lot more daunting than it actually is. After the first trial, it was quite easy to use and I will happily say I am now a professional! well I like to think I am :)


 Nila is nearly 2 months old now and we both absolutely love the wrap. I love baby wearing. Not only does it make baby feel secure but it makes a quick trip to the corner shop or chores like the dishes or putting the clothes away much more easier if you have a crying baby.We also love taking long walks through our local nature trails, a buggy through most of them is out of the question!

Nila also has reflux so laying her down flat is a no go.We use a babynest with an arch for her to sleep in at night and during the day she loves nothing more than to be in the iswaddle wrap close to me.
Once in the wrap she is asleep within 10 minutes and can sleep up to 2 hours with no fuss at all. I think the iswaddle wrap being made from a super soft cotton blend helps Nila feel as snug as a bug.        
Retailing at £14.99 i think the iswaddle wrap is an absolute bargain and would recommended to any                                                  baby wearing parents out there, old or new :)

                                                                Thanks For Reading

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