Friday 18 August 2017


Alessia has always been an emotional child, the quieter one out of my two eldest daughters.She seems to take the world on her little soldiers, i believe she is definitely an old soul and i often find her writing about the worries she has and things that are playing on her mind.

We sit and discuss things that are bothering her and sometimes they might be little things that have happened at school that we can laugh and giggle them away, but then there are others that really affect her and seem to keep her up at night.

We have been using The Magical Fairy Worry Plaque by the Irish Fairy Door Company for the past couple of months. The worry plaque works by your little one placing their hand on it and thinking of their worry, the plaque will glow red whilst they are doing this. When the fairies have heard their worries the plaque will then go green which means all their worries have now gone to the fairies.

Alessia has been mesmerised by this plaque,we have Incorporated it into our bedtime routine so she can get rid of anything that has been playing on her mind before bed. It does come with attachments to hang on the wall but she prefers teddy to look after it.

 Retailing at £19.99 i think it is very reasonable priced for what it aims to do. There are also some lovely free video affirmations on the website which make it a little bit personal and special.
 A lovely gift for your little worrier.

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