Saturday 28 October 2017


Last night the girls had their first Halloween party. To say they were excited was an understatement and they couldn't wait to decorate the house .We nipped to the Co-op in the morning to pick up last minute goodies - there was so many! And of course a small pumpkin to make some soup.

We got the decorations out , set the table and waited patiently , I say they waited patiently , Alessia did ask every 5 minutes if it was going to start yet ! :)

Alessia invited 4 of her friends and Kadiann invited 5 of hers. The girls put their costumes on just before their friends arrived and Alessia decided she wanted to do her own face paint and she was a skeleton, I must admit she did a pretty good job! .

The girls had so much fun: games,music,movies,goodies - it went even better than I had thought it was going to go and I am so happy they enjoyed themselves.

Kadiann was having a sleepover so they went up to her bedroom to watch a movie and Alessia's friends left at 7pm with a party bag we had pre filled for them. We filled them with our Monster Goodies we had made , lots of yummy treats and a Glow in the dark hama bead starter set , which Alessia's Friend Phoebe was super excited to try out !

This mama had a lot of cleaning up to do and juggling Nila - I am absolutely exhausted today but it was so worth it . Halloween is our favourite time of the year and we can not wait for Tuesday to go trick or treating .

Are you having a Halloween party or going trick or treating ?

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