Thursday 26 October 2017


Monster goodies are the perfect Halloween crafting activity and they make brilliant party bag fillers.SO simple to make and are super duper cheap!


*toilet roll cardboard
*tissue/tissue paper
*googly eyes
*black pen
*spooky spiders

1. Start off by taking your tissue and covering one end of the cardboard-almost like you would wrap a present and selotape it in to place.

2. Flip it over and start adding your goodies- spooky spider,skeletons,sweets,chocolate-which ever you fancy filling your monster goody with.

3.Cover the last opening exactly the same way as you did it step 1 and then tear off the tissue and your cardboard should look like the picture below 

4. Take 4 squares of tissue and wrap them around the middle part of the cardboard until the card is completely covered and selotape both ends.

5. There you have your completed Monster goody- this one we have named Ghosty, there are so many different monsters you can create with coloured tissue paper, we have made devils,witches,Frankenstein- the list is endless. 

Let me know if you make any of our monster goodies and be sure to tag me in them on instagram and twitter, we would love to see your monster creations! :)


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