Sunday 19 November 2017


Happy Birthday to you- you are now 32! 

It is Scott's birthday today and he is feeling old- in his words. I am only a year behind him and still feel like i'm 16!. Plans for today are opening cards- taking the girls to dance this morning and then going out for his birthday meal.

The birthday meal is a tradition of ours- who ever is celebrating their birthday picks where they would like to go out for dinner that evening. If the girls had it there way, it would probably be KFC or MacDonalds!.

Scott chose a new restaurant a few miles out the way called Brindley Farm,.It is absolutely lovely in there and we all opted for the carvery- it is Sunday after all!. The play area is very impressive. Not only has it got a wacky soft warehouse area, but it also has a corner for the older children/teens which has a ps4 and games in. I must admit, i was pretty jealous of the girls after dinner :)

Pricing was quite reasonable ,considering it was a Sunday, and normally carvery servings are a little bit more expensive on a Sunday. I do look online in advance if i know where we are going and see if i can find any discount codes on Groupon.

Scott had a lovely day and we ended the evening off with an early night as we are off to Bluestone in Wales tomorrow as an extra birthday treat! :)

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