Saturday 18 November 2017


Christmas for me has always been at home . I love decorating the house and putting our tree up and spending the evenings with our Xmas scented candles on and really enjoying this festive time of year at home.

The children also enjoy being at home for Christmas and we haven't been anywhere else for Christmas - yet. Scott has always said he would like to experience Christmas abroad one year and when baby Nila is a little older i would definitely be up for it!

A very close friend of Scott's moved to Australia a few years ago and unfortunately we haven't been able to see them since they have moved due to either work , family commitments and just general life!.

 They have recently had a little baby girl around the same time we had Nila and I think Scott would absolutely love to visit them.To spend  a Christmas with them one year would probably make the perfect gift for him! :)

Being in a country where it is hot at Christmas would be a new experience too!, wearing shorts instead of the thickest Christmas jumper you can find,now that would definitely be a new experience for us all! :)

Destination2 have some really great prices and packages to Australia and loads of other countries.They also have the flight and hotel package which saves the hassle of purchasing separately.

Where are you spending Christmas this year? Somewhere exotic by the beach? or snuggled up on the sofa in freezing cold Britain? :)

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