Sunday 10 December 2017


On our holiday to Bluestone, we had so much to do. We really didn't have enough time to do everything, which you know means that it is a good holiday - plus that means we have to go back :)

We visited the land of Elftopia whist we were there and the children absolutely loved it! We had to put on our safety goggles and take a 'plane' there and go past a few different places along the way.

We had to collect all of our stamps and complete all the challenges in different places, includinng a fun house! Which i think the elves were definitely on the children's team and cheated on a few occasions against us parents :)

We also got to make some magical reindeer food,which we have taken home and can not wait to sprinkle outside ready for Rudolf and his friends.

 We then got to see the Snow Queen and have a disco and a snow ball fight!

We loved visiting Elftopia and can not wait to see the Elves again :)

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