Monday 22 January 2018


Having three girls , I am pretty sure I have come across every dress, shoe type and glitter head band there is over the years of being a mother - well I thought I had.

I came across a brand called Attipas- which specialise in Baby and toddler shoes . We were lucky enough to review some for Nila and I was looking forward to trying them out on her . 

Let’s be honest, babies, especially at Nila’s age-  6 months and wriggles around like she has ants in her pants! - I thought there was no way she would keep a pair of shoes on but these shoes are amazing!

They are made just like a shoe would be , with a durable sole, which is made from non toxic material - for all them toe sucking babies! . They are machine washable , which is a complete bonus .The sole is perforated so it can release the heat and moisture - so no sweaty tootsies :) . These shoes are super light weight and almost like putting a sock on , but better ! As these shoes actually stay on!

My favourite feature is the large toe box. This makes it easier for them little toes to wriggle about , which boosts cognitive and motor development.

They come in such a wide range and variety of design and characters- and they are super cute! We have been asked about them quite a bit when being out as they are very unique and a definite eye catcher!

Retailing at roughly £20.99, for a pair of shoes that can be washed , I think is an absolute bargain and Nila loves wearing hers :)

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