Wednesday 14 February 2018


Now we are in February . The clock is ticking for our summer holiday . I hate the UK weather right now. It is cold , wet and miserable! We have had snow for the past fortnight off and on and the weather has been -3 most days.Give me some sunshine!

We haven’t decided if we are going abroad this year due to baby Nila being 7 months. I know a lot of being that have been abroad with their babies , even younger than Nila but I am that overly worried parent and I am really not sure how I feel about it.


We have had a talk about it and discussed the pros and cons- a lot of pros , sun at the top of the list! We have  also sent off for Nila’s passport , just in case! You know how long passports can take sometimes :)

I have come up with a bucket list of my dream destinations if we do end up going away this year. Scott has chosen one and I have chosen two.

First one which was Scott’s idea is Jamaica. Now if you have followed us for a while then you will know that Jamaica is actually where we want our honey moon to be . We have said this for over 9 years - still not married yet! But Jamaica will definately be our honeymoon for when we do . I also think Jamaica would be a nice getaway for me and Scott as a couple without the children. I can imagine us sipping on rum from a coconut on the beach- ha!

Barbados- my friend takes her four children to Barbados every year and honestly they have such an amazing time. They also go inclusive and she says the food is amazing there. They always come back with tans- which is an added bonus! :) she has asked us on a few occasions if we would like to go together which me and Scott have said we will do eventually. I can remember going on holiday every year in the half term at school and there was a family who use to holiday at the same place at the same time and we were friends for many years!

I came across Destination2 while on my hunt for sun and sea and found some holidays in Ras al Khaimah. I honestly had never heard of it before ,  but it is in the Middle East and apparently it is proving to be a hit for family holidays.It is a lesser known resort, hence why not many people know of it , or of what there is to offer. Water parks and zoos- it sounds a perfect family get away and some great affordable prices. I have got to admit as soon as I clicked on the page the first line read ‘Ras al Khaimah holidays are all about the sunbathing weather’ , yes that was me completely sold!

Have you booked your dream destination holiday yet? Or still indecisive like us?. I would love to know if any of you have done a long haul flight with a baby , and the do’s and dont's When travelling :)

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