Friday 2 March 2018


We have snow!. The girls have been off school for two days now as the schools are closed and we are loving it. I love it when the girls are off as i hate them being at school,and with us being totally snowed in we made the most of it and got out in the white stuff!.

It hasn't snowed like this in years, i honestly can not remember the last time we had snow this bad , but i love it!. It is Nila's first time in the snow and she really didn't know what to make of it, obviously trying to eat the bloody stuff :) but let's be honest, what 8 month old doesn't put everything in their mouth to taste! :)

Nila got to wear her astronaut,as i call it, all in one coat for the first time, which she got off her nanny and grandad and she looks super cute,this baby is so photogenic and i am sure she strikes a pose when i get the camera out.

Kay and Alessia didn't appreciate the -6 temperature but we got stuck in and made the cutest little snowman. We used berries off of our berry tree for the mouth which made him look super cute!, and we named him Ted, why? why not :)

I love days like this, care free days where work and chores and all the boring stuff gets pushed aside and time with the girls is what i am all about. I don't want them to ever grow up - stop growing girls!

We ended the day with hot cups of tea and biscuits all round and the new monster holiday movie on sky cinema, which is definitely one to watch.

Have you had fun in the snow with your little ones? i know i did :)

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