Monday 5 March 2018


Over the weekend the snow had started to slow down which was great as i had planned to take Kadiann out on her own as a special treat and i knew if it kept snowing we wouldn't be able to drive, so although i have been loving the snow i also needed it to go!

We rarely get time to do anything together and i have been trying to get quality time with the older two girls since Nila has been born, it is slowly coming together and i am slowly getting the hang of having three children! :)

We have wanted to go and watch the greatest showman for a few weeks now and i had checked the cinema showings and it was on so we got ready and was super excited!.

I ended up having to pay for premier seats as the whole screen had been sold out! and there were only 2 seats left in the premier are - that was definitely fate :). we got a hot dog and some goodies and obviously nipped to the toilet. does anyone else to that? it is always a quick toilet trip before the movie starts.

WOW! - i have got to say the greatest showman is amazing!. definitely a 10/10, it is the best film i have seen in years and both my and Kadiann got emotionally. We both said we could of watched it again straight afterwards.

I got straight home and downloaded the soundtrack, the songs are so catchy and we have been singing them all morning :)

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