Monday 23 April 2018


We decided last minute to go to Alton Towers over the weekend . The weather was said to be glorious on Saturday and we didn’t want to let it go to waste!.

 l decided to keep costs down as we already have our annual merlin passes so entry fees weren’t needed. I made a huge picnic the night before , including my homemade scotch eggs, they are syn free if you are on slimming world :) , we planned to purchase the unlimited refill drink that is £7 , which saved us carrying around loads of drinks. Enough money for an ice cream after lunch as well is all we needed and we were good to go :)

The girls were super excited and couldn’t wait to get there . Alton Towers is only 40 minutes In the car from us so we was there in no time .it was extremely busy but luckily we didn’t have to queue for too long before we were in with our maps ready to find the first ride .

We went to CBeebies land first as it is pretty much the first attraction as you enter . We queued 45 minutes for the ride - which Alessia was not impressed about! . We had to explain to her that this is what happens in places like this. The older two went on together and I went on with Nila. She absolutely loved it and was in her glory . I love that she’s at the age where she understands so much more and she takes it absolutely everything !. We walked round the gardens and watched Mr Tumble - which is Nila’s favourite!

We downloaded the app that tells you how long the wait is for the rides , which came in handy and found that spin ball wizard only had a 10 minute queue so Kadiann and I went on that- I was so scared, I’m not going to lie! I’ve become a right chicken in my old age :) but braved air and screamed most of the way round :)

We took a walk round the gardens, which reminded us of Alice in wonderland- which is my favourite story .We got lost then found a rabbit, which was definitely playing with our fairy tale adventure :)

We stopped for our picnic lunch and it was definitely needed. We munched away and bought a drink and some Pringles from the shop. It was perfect! We had ducks trying to pinch our sandwiches which was hilarious! My scotch eggs went down a treat as usual :)

Scott and Kadiann took Alessia on the runaway mine train , it’s her first ever real fast roller coaster ride and she loved it! She wanted to go on it again and again, I definitely think she has the buzz for the fast rides now .

Our favourite has got to be the duel- I love the fact that you play in teams to get the most points when killing the monsters . We took it in turns as Nila was asleep in the buggy- so Kadiann and I went on , then Kadiann and a Alessia , then ascot and Alessia . Scott came first, I can second but the girls did pretty awesome!

We got home at 7pm , grabbed a chippy tea as I was absoulately exhausted and was not cooking ! . I can happily say the girls went out like a light and we had the most perfect family day , we haven’t had a day like this together in so long and can’t wait for the next!

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