Every house has a favourite dinner.  One that pleases all the family , that is super quick and easy and tastes delicious!.

Having been a target member at slimming world and then having my third daughter Nila, I have been back on the plan for a few weeks now and have been getting stuck in cooking up some of my favourite recipes.

My super speedy bolognese is completely syn free and is the best bolognese I have ever tasted -  i'm not blowing my own trumpet, honestly!.It is packed with veg and speed food , to help your weight loss and also fills you up and really does hit the spot :)


250g Lean Beef Mince- I use half a pack of 500g as I pack the bad boy with as much veg as possible!
Two peppers - I normally go for whichever ones I have in the fridge
One red onion and one white
One tin of passata
One tablespoon of  tomatoe purée
Two garlic cloves
Two tablespoons of mixed herbs
Dash of Worcester sauce
Handful of spinach
Half a punnet of mushrooms
Two courgettes
Frylight- which ever flavour tickles your fancy :) / I normally go with the garlic one for a bolognese
Salt and pepper

Let’s Get Cooking

Start off by frying your pan with fry light and adding your onions and garlic to soften. Then add your mince. I like to do it this way as the mince really locks in the onions and garlic.

Then add the peppers and courgettes as these take a little longer than the rest of the veggies . Leave them on a low heat for about ten minutes then add the rest of your veg to the pan and let it all soften down. Add a little more frylight if needed .

 Now is the time to add your mixed herbs, a little salt and pepper and Worcester sauce. Give it a stir and let it fry off for a further 5 minutes and then add your passata , your tomato purée and fill your passata carton or jar 3/4 full with water and add that to your pan. Give it a big stir and let it simmer on low for 20 minutes .

This is when I put my spaghetti on- usually takes around 20-25 minutes so I stick it on now so it will be ready just in time :)

When 20 minutes is up , add a handful of spinach - I have a big bag of frozen spinach which I add to meals like this. Takes 5 minutes to wilt down and doesn’t go off in the freezer . I let that wilt down while I get the plates and cutlery out and set up the table .

That’s it ! That is your super speedy bolognese ready to devour. Honestly,this is the most tastiest meal ever and so simple to make . It feeds a family of 4 plus a little 10 month old baby size portion :) and is full of so much flavour.

The girls absolutely love it and it is a firm favourite and we have it every week without fail. To add a little extra to the dish , we sometimes sprinkle a little cheese on and serve with a side of garlic bread .


  1. One of our favs also. Such a cheap and easy meal for all the family x

  2. This is one of our favourites and I like the addition of extra vegetables too - delicious :)

  3. This is one of my favourite slimming world meals. I love that you can add a different mixture of veg to eat too.

  4. We had bolognese tonight for dinner and loved it. Never though about using fry light with garlic oil, sounds good!

  5. This sounds very yummy. My kids love Bolognese.

  6. Mmmmm looks super tasty and healthy too! I love a good spag bol!

  7. This looks delicious, we love spaghetti bolognese

  8. We love spag bowl, such a great family dinner that everyone loves. nice recipe

  9. That sounds like a very healthy spaghetti bolognese, I occasionally make ours from scratch too although it is more often from a jar. One of our favorite meals too

  10. such a timeless classic! I add a minimum of 3 onions, too. They really are the core of the bolognese to me x

  11. Sounds good. Quorn mince would work well too.

  12. I have a friend who does Slimming World and I often steal her recipes. I will definitely add this one to our collection!

  13. Ooh you can't beat a spaghetti bolognese!! I love fry light too, we use it for everything!


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