Wednesday 20 June 2018


It seems very odd me writing about co-sleeping as I never in a million years thought I would be a co-sleeping parent . My older two girls both went into cots and had a bedtime routine , as the typical book suggests. So to be writing about co-sleeping is definitely something new to me and honestly, I am absolutely loving it .

So I will start from the beginning. Nila was born and she was a really good baby. Pretty much slept through the night from 8 weeks old and then she developed silent reflux, and that’s when it all changed . She would only settle if she was on my chest and in a slight sitting up position. She hated being laid on her back and would scream blue murder. We did start using the little chick London comfort nest which I did a review on, if you fancy a read of that then click here :). It was an absolute godsend for Nila's silent reflux , as it has an arch block pillow at the top that you can either use with or without, having the arch helped with Nila’s reflux and she managed to get a bit of sleep.. and so did I , which was great.

After a month or so she became so congested and full of mucus that she kept gasping through the night and was unable to breath. We took her the doctors and they said it would clear On it’s own and it wasn’t on her chest so they were happy with that, but as a mother hearing your baby gasping and struggling to breath is the most scariest thing in the world and I just could not sleep. I would sit and watch her for ages and constantly go and check on her. That is when I ended up putting her in bed with me. I could turn over and just check she was breathing , or put my hand on her chest to feel her heart- it might sound bizarre but I was petrified.

Now I know there are a lot of people that are so against co sleeping and yes I understand completely that it can be dangerous if not done safely. We co- sleep in a double bed , Scott actually sleeps on the sofa , which is one of the down sides to our co-sleeping. So there is plenty of room for us both. One side is secured with two pillows and a big pregnancy pillow which acts as a bed guard if you like and the other side is where I sleep. 

We go upstairs around 8, I make myself a cup of tea and Nila’s bottle.We put the older two girls in bed and then we have our drinks , watch some Peppa pig, have a snuggle and get booted in the face by little feet :) ,  and fall asleep together. Sometimes I’ll Watch a movie or do some work on my phone but bedtime is so relaxed and I have absolutely loved our co-sleeping journey. I am so glad that I ended up doing it , on a complete accident!. We have the most closet bond , that a lot of people have commented on, and these days I will never forget.

There are some down sides to co- sleeping for me . The obvious one is not sleeping in the same bed as Scott. We did speak about it and he was aware of how worried I was about Nila’s breathing and it was really affecting my anxiety so he was totally understandable and very supportive. If she does fall asleep, I wouldn’t go downstairs or leave her , so I was kind of stuck in the bedroom if you like , which doesn’t make much time for movies with Scott, which we really do miss . 

We are actually moving next month and I have decided that now is the time to get her in a cot and in a bit of a routine when it comes to bedtime , not only for me, but I feel it will benefit all of us . The older girls can have Mum to themselves for a while , we can have movie nights again, I can enjoy long soaks in the bath! :) I am a little sad that our co- sleeping journey is coming to an end but I am also really excited for the next chapter .

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