Friday 22 June 2018


We are back in full swing with turtle tots now the half term is over . I must admit I really missed Our lesson with having the week off. We did plan to go swimming in the half term but everyone decided to be poorly , typical isn’t it!. I reckon Nila missed it too as she couldn’t wait to get back into the water when we arrived :)

We have our usual routine in the pool , which I guess you can call it warming up, swimming lesson and then winding down, which I think is fantastic and also gives the babies a sense of what’s going to happen next .

We’ve been doing a lot of under water activities over the last fortnight. Peek a poo underwater seems to be getting less anxious for me as Nila is showing so much confidence with it now and isn’t faized by going under the water.

 We start this activity by the parent holding baby’s under the arms and and hold baby’s as if  baby is swimming on their front, we call babies name and go under water and come up to say peek a poo and then we say babies name again and say ready,steady,go and both go under and then back up.

We have also been doing an activity where Anne , our teacher, holds baby and if they feel ready and show interest in coming to you , she releases them and let’s them go under water and we pick them up. We don’t have any problem with this as Nila is to busy watching Anne half the time , I think she is very fond of her :)

Nila’s favourite is when we sit the babies on the side of the pool and say ready,steady,go and pop them in the pool , turn them around and get them to hold on to the rail. I must admit , I can hardly get Nila to let go of the rail, it’s as if she’s stuck to it like glue!. She also gets super excited on the edge of the pool and almost pushes her self off with anticipation ! :)

Her little arms and legs are really coming on now with splashing and trying to grab her little turtle toy, although she had her eye on the ball this week, which she hasn’t managed to grab yet , so she was definitely feeling lucky.

We are really looking forward to next weeks lesson, which is actually the day before her first birthday. I can not believe she is going to be 1 already! Doesn’t time fly so blinking fast!

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