Sunday 24 June 2018


Now summer is finally here in the UK , I hope anyway, we have been out a lot more as a family , which makes me happy. One thing I hate is being stuck in doors with the miserable weather.

 We have decided this year as we are moving , that we wouldn’t be going abroad , but we would have our usual getaway in our favourite place Great Yarmouth. We visit pretty much every summer as they have the most incredible festivals and carnivals . The girls favourite is the Martham scarecrow festival.

There is nothing better than packing a picnic and taking your little family out in the sunshine to a carnival, where you can spend all day making memories and capturing their happy little faces.

I recently discovered festivals abroad. Now I’ve got to admit, I didn’t even think to look for festivals abroad. We normally spend our weeks away in the local water park and indulging in the all inclusive buffets , but no matter what time of the year you are travelling , there is a festival or carnival to be seen :)

We have planned to take the girls to Majorca next year after browsing the net for cheap flights  . Scott and I went for my 30th, and we had such an incredible time . The Place is so friendly and absolutely beautiful .Nila will be 2 next year and it’s quite a short flight so all the kiddies will be happy enough, fingers crossed :)

I’ve been looking into which festivals will be on in different parts of Majorca to decide on where abouts we fancy our holiday. Alcudia is known for its family friendly vibe, full of so much to do for children and they have some incredible festivals going on in July , which is perfect for the summer holidays.

Saint Jaume Is actually a whole week - long festival in Acudia, which includes exhibitions , music, food and even fireworks. There are fiestas held throughout the week all over Acudia , it sounds amazing!. which the girls would absolutely love! . Give my girls music and food and they are the happiest kiddies out there!. We are definitely going to plan on going to a few festivals while we are there.

I’d love to find out if you’ve ever been to a festival abroad, and how it differs from the UK ones. Where have you travelled to that has the best carnivals? I’d love to hear your stories

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