Tuesday 26 June 2018


i don’t know about you , but when it comes to summer , I like to keep make up and beauty to a minimum. The last thing I want is a face full of full Coverage foundation or long lash mascara that has smeared because I've been sweating like a hot mess all day and now resemble a panda! :)

I have a few beauty essentials that keep me feeling flawless throughout the summer without having to use so many products. There is nothing better than going out with hardly any products being used but still leave you feeling amazing :)

 My upmost first essential which is a must , especially over the summer is water. Keeping your skin hydrated is super important and I notice the difference with my skin if I don’t drink enough, so make sure you drink plenty and keep your skin hydrated.

Moisturiser- I moisture every morning and evening. I Suffer  with combination skin so one minute it can be really dry and the next it is super oily. I always go for a moisturiser that has SPF in it as you know you are getting the extra protection from the sun . I am currently using the Olay anti ageing day and night creams which smell incredible.It can be a little expensive but you can always find a voucher code on dealsdaddy

Leave in conditioner - you will not catch me with a hair dryer in this heat!. It is way to warm to be blow drying and straightening your hair . I love the natural wavy look this time of year and after I’ve washed my hair I put a little bit of palmers coca leave in conditioner in it , give it a brush and then let it dry naturally. Plus you stay cool whilst your hair is drying :)

Perfume - I know everyone has a favourite summer fragrance  .my favourite perfume brand is Marc Jacobs, I absolutely love the  brand and pretty much every single perfume. My ultimate fragrance this time of year is Daisy. Alessia got me a bottle of it for mother’s day one year and I have been hooked ever since. It can be quite pricey  so I always go online to find a bargain deal and Groupon  always seem to have a really good discount code :)

Blusher- a little bit of blush on the cheeks or my favourite all in one blush and highlighter set from soap and glory is perfect for giving a little colour and a natural summer glow . If your like me and can’t tan to save your life then a little glow is definitely a must!

Vaseline- my trusty Vaseline . I would not go anywhere without it , it keeps my lips hydrated and also looks like you’ve got a little shimmer  on the lips  at the same time :)

I’d love to hear some of your summer beauty essentials. I’m always up for trying out new tips and tricks.

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