Thursday 28 June 2018


Alessia is definitely my explorer child. She loves anything to do with crafts and making things. She is slightly obsessed with slim and anything gloopy and has recently signed up for Science club after school on a Monday which she is loving so far.

Alessia loves Project MC2 and has been watching the series on Netflix for a while now . She has most of the dolls and has started asking to collect the other gadgets from the series. She was lucky enough to be sent the Project MC2 spy kit to test out and she was super excited!.

It comes in a case which holds all the cool gadgets and equipment . It comes with over 30 accessories including safety goggles , PH strips and a real working microscope. It has little compartments and drawers for everything, so nothing falls out when opening. The cool hidden lock that opens and closes the kit is pretty cool and is a feature Alessia loves the most!.

Inside the case is a little booklet which has 15 experiments for you try out at home . Itells you the equipment you need from your spy kit and also the things you will need to pick up, either around the house or things you might have to buy .

Alessia had a look through and wanted to make the oobleck, which is gloop, this didn’t surprise me one bit. You only need two ingredients for this one , corn flour and water - we had corn flour in the cupboard so no need for a shopping can also add food colouring , which is optional but makes the oobleck even more fun . Alessia opted for green as she’s a little Obsessed with ghostbusters at the minute and green slime! :)

The oobleck was so simple to make and you literally add all the ingredients into the bowl , mix and then you had your oobleck , ready for action.

We have had a lovely afternoon making it and Alessia loves her new spy kit, she is so impressed with all the extra gadgets you get and can not wait to add more to her collection :)

- We were sent the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Kir in exchange for an honest review oobleck

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