What a weekend. The weather started looking gloomy and I was crossing my fingers hoping it would sod off and bring the sun back and it did :) . It has been glorious all weekend and we have definitely made the most of it .

We headed to a few car boot sales on Saturday as we love a good bargain and I have loved them since I was younger . The girls love going to as you can bet they find something that catches their eye. Alessia managed to grab two Spider-Man figures for £2 which made her day. She is obsessed with Spider-Man and has been playing with them
Non stop!

I found so many little bargains for Nila . I couldn’t believe how much to be honest . Mummy and daddy pig for £1. A cat from peppa pig, I don’t know it’s name! I know, I’m rubbish! :) . Talking Mr Tumble that lights up had to be the bargain of the day for only £2.50. She has even learnt that you need to squeeze his hand for him to talk, she’s so cute!

I did have a bit of a drama though. I ended up putting my camera down to pay for a Charlie and Lola set and forgot to pick it back up!. When I went to get my camera out my bag for a photo it wasn’t there , my heart !. I was running around this car boot sale crying my eyes out , I know how embarrassing haha, but I had  only got the camera for Christmas , the canon G7x mark ii.

I managed to find it on the stall and oh my god was I relived!. I don’t know what I would of done if I hadn’t of found it. All the memories on my SD card as well! . So if anyone knows where I can get a strap for the camera then I’d love you forever . Not a case , just a strap that I can hook on each side and put round my neck :)

Sunday’s at my parents are the best, I love my dad's roast dinners , there is something about someone else cooking for you isn't there, it just tastes so much better. We went up the arcades whilst dinner was cooking and spent a few hours spending our pennies . Alessia won money and a bingo win and the girls shared an ice cream . I had packed lunch as it saves money so they ate their lunch and enjoyed the rides .

The weekend has been such a good one . Care free , unplanned and just perfect .


  1. Looks like a fun and sunny weekend! Love the bargains you got at the boot sale - always good fun going to those and rummaging around!

  2. TWO Spidermans for £2? You hit the jackpot - my youngest is a huge Spidey fan too! Looks like an amazing, unplanned weekend, which are the best kind!

  3. You must have all had a lovely time. Good you are got some bargains for your little one.

  4. The weather has been absolutely glorious recently hasn't it?! I'm glad you managed to get out and enjoy it x

  5. I love bargain finds at the carboot. Looks like you have had lots of fun

  6. I can imagine your panic with the camera! I feel lost without mine and would be devastated to lose the memories. I try to upload my pics at the end of every day but sometimes forget!


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