Saturday 14 July 2018


When it comes to summer I think we all automatically think sunbathing , bbq’s and struggling to sleep in bed as it is so bloody hot!At the minute in Norfolk, we are reaching  temperatures of 24 every day!

I love sunbathing, unfortunately I still look like a pasty milk bottle afterwards, yes I don’t tan , at all! . Summer bbq’s are my absolute favourite and I must lay in bed for hours before actually falling asleep because I am that hot .

One of our favourite things to do with the girls in the summer is camping out in the garden. The girls love making dens and forts inside during winter so when it gets a bit warmer they are super eager to get outside and build a home .

If you are a regular reader of mine then you will know we love the outdoors and love exploring . We go on our Saturday morning walks and always take a pit stop for a cup of tea and a snack. This is where we saw a family camping out a few weeks ago and ever since then Alessia has been pestering us for a sleeping bag to camp out in the garden with. 

We use blankets and quilts for the garden at the minute ,  but a sleeping bag each isn’t a bad idea. We are eager to start our camping round the UK this year and know that they will come in  use and be used for years to come

Simply hike have a massive collection of camping equipment on their site , for all the family . They stock men, women and children’s products and plenty of sleeping bags To choose from . They range from as little as £15. 

The atlas junior sleeping bag would be perfect for Lessie. It is a smaller fit which is designed to keep kiddies warm and snuggled all night. She loves being snug as a bug :) and they have it in her favourite colour purple.

Have you got any summer camping trips planned? I would love to hear about your adventures.

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