Sunday 8 July 2018


If you are a regular reader of mine , then you will know that Scott and I never get chance to go out together , without the girls. Although the girls are our absoulate world, I really think it is important to make time for you and your partner , time without the children to just enjoy each other .

We have recently moved to Norfolk, which has been a massive decision, but the best one for our family . We are closer to family now and therefore have the opportunity to go out , which I am super excited about! :)

I have always wanted to go to Liverpool, it is one of them places that I had on my wish list to visit in the UK. I still have a few places left , but Liverpool is next on our list .

We decided to treat ourselves next month and book an overnight stay there. I can not wait!. It has been pretty hectic moving , to say the least, so a night away without the kiddies to just have some fun is definitely  what we both need.

We have planned the whole shabang, as I like to call it, considering we haven’t had a day to ourselves in years, I think we deserve it :) .Liverpool one  has everything you need for the perfect day trip. It is one of Europe’s leading retail and leisure destinations.

I heard that shopping in Liverpool is amazing and I am definitely a woman that loves to shop! Liverpool one has over 170 stores, Which is music to my ears, not so much Scott’s. :) some of my favourite shops are in the complex : John Lewis and Topshop. 

Scott and I absolutely love going to the cinema and we haven’t been able to go for so long!. We were gutted we couldn’t go and watch the new dead pool as we had no one to babysit the children . 
The complex has a 14 screen cinema, which we will definitely be taking advantage of. We are hoping there is a movie out next month that we are both eager to watch. Plenty of popcorn and pick and mix and I am a happy bunny ! :)

You can’t end a day out without cocktails and the bars I have heard , are some of the best bars around.i can not wait!. I am hoping the sun holds out until our trip as it will be the ultimate day trip with the weather on our side and  I might actually get a nice tan this year :) 

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