Tuesday 10 July 2018


Today is a very nervous day for Lessie bug. She is transitioning into a new school, in a new area. If you are new around here then a bit of a quick catch up for you . We have recently moved to Norfolk from Staffordshire and Alessia is settling into her new school today.

I arranged it a few weeks back so she has known for a while and has been super excited. Obviously mixed emotions about leaving her old friends behind but excited for the new friends she will be making :)

She had a bit of a late night last night, thanks to her baby sister. I am sure that whenever you need to be somewhere the next day, something goes a little wrong the night before!. In this case Nila decided she didn’t fancy going to sleep until 10pm, which kept Alessia up. I knew she’d be tired in the morning.

I woke her up with her favourite cereal and a nice cup of tea, it was like trying to wake the exorcist up. She was adamant she wasn’t going anyway and she was tired and why was I waking her up so early , kids eh :) .

We managed to leave early , as I wanted to take a nice walk there and to also get her excited and prepared for the day ahead. We got to the gates and the nerves kicked in , she wouldn’t  budge, and after a few attempts to encourage her in, she came with me .

We sat in a room with lots of other children that were transitioning from other schools so this made her feel so much more at ease and the excitement kicked in, thank god! I on the other hand was so nervous for her . Alessia is my timid child, although her personality is as crazy and wacky as mine, in these situations she takes a back seat and can become super timid.

The teacher called all the year 5 children and off she went . A kiss goodbye and a smile on her face,’I was relieved. The day dragged for me , of course, but I knew she was having a brilliant day.

Me and my mum picked her up and she was full of enthusiasm. She had made some lovely friends and apparently the food is amazing! My Alessia is a sucker for food ,so if the foods good then she’s a happy bunny :)

We stopped off at the shop to treat her to some sweets and she had her favourite dinner that nan makes - mincemeat and mash with peas . The day has gone perfect for her , and she can not wait to start in September :)

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