Saturday 11 August 2018


Scott and I have only been on one holiday together and that was for my 30th. We had such a lovely time and said we should try and make some time for us as a couple to get away more .

Now I’m not talking holidays every year to fancy places , I’d be happy with a night in Blackpool with no kiddies :).. that’s the thing isn’t it , when you have children , quality time with your partner becomes less and less , and ‘date nights’ end up as lunch in the local pub on your lunch break from work.

We have been talking about getting married in the near future and of course the honeymoon talk starts.We have always said we would go to Jamaica on our honeymoon. I have been exploring all options and some friends of ours have just come back from a holiday to the Maldives.

I have never really thought about heading there or heard much about it , but apparently it is the most romantic getaway you can find , and is honeymoon central!. I swear I need to go out more , as I am oblivious to most things! :) 

I am a google kinda girl , so I headed straight to google to explore and wow I have got to say , the Maldives look incredible. There are actually 200 beautiful islands dotted all around the Maldives with some incredible things to do as a couple .

If you’re lucky enough to fly private often, you could also look into  jet card comparison and see what types of deals and offers are available with those that you could make use of on both business and leisure travel. There is always a way of finding a discount somewhere :) 

My favourite few i have found would be the rejuvenating couples massage. I had one of these in Turkey and it was painful ha! So I would hope this one would be a little gentle and more romantic. They use their Native virgin coconut oil, which sounds so dreamy, as I love anything to do with coconut!.

The bioluminescent beach is apparently one not to be missed with your loved one. Stroll along the sea of stars and watch the beach light up right in front of your eyes, the photos look incredible! Almost like something out of a fairytale land .

The glow in the dark beaches are thanks to the seed shrimps. They are around 2MM long and can emit blue light for seconds, sometime up to a minute . How mad is that!.

If your planning a romantic holiday to the Maldives this year then i would love to know where you are heading and i would also love to see some of your photos and what you get up to :)

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