Monday 13 August 2018


I have promised Alessia we would go out as soon as the rain had gone. The weather has taken another turn and it has been horrendous- thunder and lightening , the works. I checked the weather for the weekend and Saturday was going to be glorious so I kept my fingers and toes crossed that it stayed that way.

We had a food shop delivery in the morning so we got ready and checked the bus times and there was one for just after the food arrived- if he wasn’t late! Which he was 30 minutes early so was a bonus.

We got the bus into Hemsby- arcade central!. The bus prices is ridiculous, I really need to sit my driving test.

As soon as we got into the amusement park, there were smiles all round. The girls love being out , anywhere , they are definitely outdoor kiddies and love the sun and the fresh air. We went and won some tickets in the 2p drop, which a Alessia is a little obsessed with as you can exchange them for ...sweets, yes I have a sweet monster :)

We stopped for some dinner and all had hot dogs, which Nila devoured. I love how she is at that age now where she can eat pretty much everything we do,it is so cute.

I took the girls to the park and then they went on a few rides together. There aren’t many with seat belts o I have to be a little careful with my little daredevil baby as she tries to stand and gets super excited by all the lights and music.

She loved the tea cups and I think it is her new favourite ride along with the dog carasel.i love how I can put them both on one ride and save some pennies too. It’s all about keeping the costs down in the holidays isn’t it.

I treated us to some yummy dessert before we headed back to the bus stop.

There is a little stall that does crepes and waffles , with Belgian chocolate sauce and squirt cream and bananas. Oh my world they are incredible and the girls loved them! Although we did get s little attacked by wasp/ I guess they like them too!

We got home around 8pm and we were shattered but had the best day and it was definitely needed, for all of us :)

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