Wednesday 15 August 2018


When it comes to cleaning up, I love a good hoover round the house . I always tell people if you only have ten minutes to spare before a visitor is due to arrive then whack your vacuum out , you’d be surprised how tidier a room looks by a quick hoover.

We recently got sent the Shark NV601IF200UK bagless upright vacuum cleaner and cordless bundle RRP £399,from AO and I couldn’t be more happier. Our Dyson has completely died and it wasn’t that old so we were on the look out for a new vacuum anyway and a reliable one at that.

I’m not going to lie , I was more excited about the cordless vacuum as lugging vacuum cleaner up stairs does not appeal to me and I converted to cordless when I got pregnant with  Nila and have never looked back.

Both vacuums are bag-less , which is a god send and they are both super easy to put together and change the parts or handles just by a push of a button, which indicates what is being unlocked, which I found very useful.

The cordless hoover has a battery time of around 20 minutes and what is great with this set is you actually get two batteries so you always have one on standby- if you remember to charge it, yes I am terrible! :)

At Vacuumcleaners4u’s review, you can check some more options for the best shark cordless Hoover in the market to compare the battery life and other features

I love that you can take it down to just the cylinder for little jobs like the stairs or crumbs in the car. The enhanced manoeuvrability with swivel steering makes it really easy to get into all them little places. Even the kiddies enjoy using this one and will always help out giving their bedrooms a quick hoover.

You can go from carpet to hard floor without stopping to switch a different head on, it is all done with a click of a button which makes hoovering the lounge and kitchen complete within a few minutes.

I have never been a fan of big upright hoovers and this one looks like something out of the transformers, it looks pretty impressive at a glance. It is a little on the heavy side , which is my only downside to this one.The plus side is the suction on it,it is incredible and definitely gets up all the unwanted hair that a house full of four girls brings !

You can lift away the cylinder from the actual vacuum stand,making it portable, which saves trying to maul the whole thing getting in to the little odd places or down the side of the sofa. The cord on this vacuum is really long too, which I find I don’t have to change plugs when I get to a different part of the house , does anyone else have to do that?

All round I am really impressed with this set. For the price I think it is such a bargain and makes a great set for the home.

- We were sent this bundle in exchange for an honest review

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